Memorial / Tribute Donations

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Remember loved ones or honor special people in your life by supporting a cause which has lasting impact on earth, food, and community.        PO Box 323 Gunnison, CO 81230

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Stuff you’ll love ... from hearty winter bean soup jars to countertop mushroom gardens and reusable lunch and snack sacks with fun prints.

In-Kind Donations

WE BELIEVE EVERY SERVICE AND SKILL IS VALUABLE. Some people aren’t able to donate money, but can often donate goods, skills, or services.  We have uses for just about anything!




Join Our Family

Membership is a chance for you to be part of the local food movement without quitting your day job or getting your hands dirty!

When you join the Mountain Roots family, you become part of a community that works together to cultivate social, economic, and environmental health so that everyone in our community can thrive.

Mountain Roots Members have access to:

  1. A Member Card, entitling you to discounts at restaurants, retail shops, and other local businesses.

  2. Be the first to know with special emails with early notice about upcoming events and special member-only offers.

  3. The satisfaction of knowing your contribution is going further – less paper, stamps and administrative costs means more of your contribution goes into the local food, education, and hunger solutions you value.


Simply view our options and choose whatever level is best for you. Click on the Join Now button and you’ll be a part of the community in 2 minutes!

Every month, on the 15th, your gift will be automatically deducted, and you can modify or cancel at any time.

be the change’s rewarding

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. . . . . . . monthly donation levels . . . . . .


2 school gardens for hands-on education

2 community gardens

1 two-acre community farm

1,500 kids reached in schools every year

72 kids taught basic cooking skills annually

16 local jobs and internships created

$27,513 to local farmers, kept in the local economy

6 local community events

1,578 pounds of local, produce harvested

779 pounds of produce donated to low-income residents

17 backyard gardens growing for the food pantry

38 annual participants of free cooking classes

13 families in need receiving free food boxes

60 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) participants

9 local producers supported

3 young farmers trained in sustainable agriculture each year

       you make it happen

Monthly support allows us to focus on the work we do out in the community and on building a stronger, more resilient food system.

It also allows us to be more environmentally friendly, which is always our goal, by saving paper on annual, letter-based donation drives.

It’s also tax-deductible for all of our monthly supporters!

      why it matters


When will my card get charged?

On the 15th of every month.

How do I cancel or change my membership?

You can change your level or cancel at any time. Just call or email us and we’ll take care of you.

Why is monthly support the best option?

It’s an affordable way for you to become a major contributor and help to effect lasting positive changes in our community. Although we appreciate all kinds of support, monthly donations create regular and dependable income, which allows us to maintain quality and consistency of our programs and to be confident we can grow to meet the community needs.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my gift?  

Your donation is tax-deductible, and you’ll receive a statement of your total giving at the end of the year.

How is my donation used?

$0.93 of every dollar goes directly to programs and services. We combine your donation with others, creating a “ripple effect.” With in-kind donations and volunteer hours, we triple the value of every donation we receive.  Click through some of our program pages here on our website to learn more about our programs, or come visit us in the field!

Can I give a membership as a gift ?

Absolutely!  Memberships are a great gift for a person in your life who “has everything” and will feel good about giving back to the community and to the earth.

Can I opt out of the free gifts / accessories package?

Sure. Opting out means more dollars go directly to projects and maximizes the impact of your donation.

What businesses are included in the 10% discount?  

We’re always adding new businesses. You can find a complete list of current participating businesses on our website. Also, look for “Member of Mountain Roots” stickers in businesses’ windows or at checkouts.

My business would like to participate - do I have to wait until the beginning of the year ? 

We’ll add businesses to our member benefits list at any time during the year, and add your logo to our website and to our member newsletter right away.  When we issue new membership cards for the next calendar year, we’ll add your logo there, too.


      other ways to give


use our secure system to   make a charitable donation >

Cash: at our Farmer’s Market Booths or in our office at 202 E Georgia, Gunnison

Checks:  via US Mail and at our Farmer’s Market Booths.

Please make checks payable to Mountain Roots Food Project

and  mail to:  

          Mountain Roots Food Project

          PO Box 323 Gunnison, CO 81230

We recognize our general donors on this website and in our annual report.


     participating businesses

Thanks to the support of the following businesses, Mountain Roots members receive 10% off purchases at the following locations* :

Crested Butte









    next steps . . .

share the love

Give the gift of the neighborhood to someone you know (or someone you don’t know) today!  Your loved ones will adore receiving this unique gift that helps to protect and restore the valley’s natural resources, provides healthy organic fresh food for everyone to enjoy, and reconnects people of all ages to their roots and to each other.

When you give a gift membership now, your friend or family member will be welcomed into the Mountain Roots family of dedicated individuals committed to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Not for you ? Or not today ?

After you subscribe, you’ll receive your Welcome Packet with your membership card(s) and any other free gifts you’ve selected with your level.

You’ll start receiving our monthly newsletter, too, which is a great place to find out about local food happenings in the valley, opportunities to volunteer, parties and events, and even member-exclusive specials from our business partners.

That’s it! CLICK BELOW to join today and start building a more sustainable world with Mountain Roots.